Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Brilliant Managers vs The Ineffective Managers

“Brilliant Managers vs The Ineffective Managers”

When I study the thought process of “Brilliant Managers” vs “The Ineffective Managers”, one characteristic stands out. Effective Managers easily differentiate between “Planning to Strategize” and “Planning to Execute”. Once they strategize, they go on to execute and normally would dismiss any thoughts that would crop up as to the appropriateness of their strategy. Yes, in complex projects, they do spare time for review of and tweaking the strategy, but that is within a slotted time earmarked only for such review. Thereafter, it is again 100% execution which includes planning for those small steps to be taken for such execution and then unstintedly carry them out. I believe that such distinct demarcation and consequent channelizing of efforts by the Manager would result in him/her becoming an “Effective Manager”. “Self Doubt” is the curse that consumes the “Ineffective Manager