Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Was recently moderating a discussion on the linkages between Academia and Industry. I recalled reading a research article wherein it was mentioned that only 5% of graduates in our country are considered employable, yes a shocking 5%.  Indeed, a feeling of helplessness pervaded all over. Why is it that people of a nation considered to be an intelligent race languishes so much in the depths when its graduates seek employment? While Academia needs to impart the knowledge to build the foundation, its time that it also started to impart practical skills which make them employment ready for a beginner’s job. That much we owe to our young aspirants. The syllabus needs to be expanded, changed to include practical skills that cover meeting dynamics, numbers orientation, personality development, official communication – spoken and written etc. Industry veterans need to be involved in bridging the gap, or is it the “gulf” between theory and practice. A partnership on these lines between Academia and Industry is the crying need of the hour.

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