Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I read an article which shockingly revealed that only 5% of graduates and 19% of Engineers who qualify from India each year are considered employable. When I correlate this statistic with my experience as a professional, teacher and interviewer, I can easily perceive the grain of truth that lurks beneath. There is not a gap, but a gulf between Academia and Industry – as the graduate discovers when he ventures out in to the “real” world. It is time that Academia and Industry collaborate to usher in a learning environment wherein the student is oriented to translate the “gyan” into “usable applications” at least to a point wherein he can be considered employment worthy – enough to gain an entry into the corporate world. It is a systemic change that is critical for the growth of human capital at its very foundation. The imparting of practical skills coupled with the essential knowledge is imperative. I am sure some of the TRP Skills can be drafted into the curriculum for a student to get that desired orientation. 

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